Bible-Discovery 2.5.1

Bible-Discovery is a complex Bible studying freeware software. It contains several Bible translations, dictionaries, tools for helping to understand the texts in the original language, bookmark handling, customizable font size and colour, a biblical text importing pane, and a parallel and comparative Bible read feature.

Features of Bible-Discovery:

  • English translation by King James (KJV)
  • Original Bible in Greek (TR - Textus Receptus 1550/1894)
  • Original Bible in Hebrew (WLC - Westminster Leningrad Codex)
  • Hungarian translation by Gaspar Karoli
  • Other Bible translations can be downloaded and can be used after installation
  • Digital Ancient Hebrew-English dictionary
  • Digital Ancient Greek-English dictionary
  • Digital Ancient Greek-Hungarian dictionary
  • Tools for helping to understand the texts in original language
  • Strong's numbers for the original Greek (TR) Bible. (Strong's number: etyma of the words in the original text sorted alphabetically, numbered)
  • Strong's numbers for the English Bible translated by King James
  • Strong's numbers for the Hungarian Bible translated by Gaspar Karoli. (New Testament has been completed so far in 70%)
  • Completing the missing Strong's numbers of Bible translations by verses using King James Bible (KJV)
  • The original Greek/Hebrew lexical meanings of the words can be checked simply by clicking on them
  • Bookmarks can be organized into categories. Verse lists can be compiled by topics
  • Complex, quick search feature. The program can be used as a concordance. The search results are showed in 1 second (1 GHz CPU)
  • Customizable font size and colour. Visually impaired users can customize the display of the text
  • The original Bible in Greek, readable phonetically (Hungarian)
  • The original Bible in Hebrew, readable phonetically. (Hungarian)
  • Bible translations can be imported from text files
  • Parallel and comparative Bible read feature
  • User interface in English, Hungarian

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Bible-Discovery 2.5.1

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